A Psychic’s Realistic Slot Machine Strategy

In October of 2006, I visited 2 Illinois casinos and two Indiana casinos.
I am not a high roller. I go to watch on certain days when I feel the vibrations
are high for people to win.

When I am consulting with a client and looking upon which days will be
lucky for them, I always give an additional warning to proceed slowly
when gambling.

I always notice machine patterns of winning and report back to clients so they
can use this information to check against their own personal experiences when

My personal rule of thumb is to always walk the main aisle in a clockwise fashion
and observe all the rows of slot machines. I walk the main aisle where there is
the most floor traffic. In many online casino marketing journals, it is suggested that
the slot machines that tend to trigger the most wins, are easily observed from the
main aisle so that others walking by can easily see the win.
This can encourage people to try the machines in the same area.

Of course, the state gambling association may disagree with this.
Casino’s in most states adhere to strict inspections. Casinos must also publish a certain payout percentage for each dollar numeration of slot machine. I personally interpret this to mean not every machine on the floor has this payout percentage running simultaneously.

I noticed that throughout this month,when observing slot machines, a pattern
of winning emerged based upon how the machines were lined up
on the casino floor.
For example, when I watched four slot machines being played at once, the first slot
machine and the fourth slot machine from the aisle would jackpot*.
When I observed an odd number of machines in a row,
for example, three in a row, the center machine would jackpot*.

* The jackpot would hit when a player had 30 credits or more, and bet the most
amount of lines. (For example: if a quarter
slot machine has a maximum of 9 lines they would bet on all nine lines times x 25
cents per line)

I noticed this occurrence on October 4, 7, 11, 19, and 29.
On October 29, I noticed an interesting winning pattern at an Elgin, Illinois casino.

I watched a row of nine slot machines along the back wall for 4 hours.

The machines were quarter slot machines.

The fourth slot machine hit the jackpot 5 times per hour.

The machine to the fifth had 2 small jackpots per hour, the ninth machine (one the end
closest to the main aisle) would award $300.00 per hour.

This particular machine had 4 players that each won this amount.

The slot machines 1,2,3,6,7 and 8 had zero payout in a four hour duration.

Before you play any slot machine, it is always a good idea to stand around and watch for the patterns of winning. I would advise to stand there and watch for at least two hours before trying to gamble.

You may be able to observe a winning pattern and even notice the time each win occurs.
If you notice over a two-hour period of time that none of the machines hit any winnings, look elsewhere, chances are, you might also lose your money as well.

I would also like to share with you my personal play strategies on two slot machine games:

American Original

Play only 4 lines at a time and play slowly. You spend less. You will have to sit there 30-40 minutes but it is a better strategy to getting to bonus games that pay the most with this machine. I have noticed this game can go into a bonus round with playing as little as 4 lines. By carefully watching this game it is in my opinion, I did not see an an incentive to play the maximum 25 lines since you do not need to play all of the lines to trigger the bonus game. The bonus game win can give you up to 100 free games. You may want to try using the extra money into the multiplier function than on line betting.

S&H Green Stamps

You are going to realize that you are guaranteed to have a bonus game by the way
this slot game is programmed. Each play gives you the opportunity to collect stamps
once you reach 1000 green stamps. Which on average takes me about 25 minutes to
get to the bonus round.
My personal strategy is betting 25 lines times 1X per play. Until I get up to 800 stamps
then I back up and play anywhere from 10-15 lines times 1X play per line. This gives
me a chance to save money as I get closer to playing the bonus round. Do not stay on
this machine if you are not going to wait it out to collect the stamps to get to the
bonus round.
I have tried playing multiplier lines on this game and have not seen the programmed
incentive for doing this. The bonus round automatically gives the ability to multiply
your winnings so I did not see the need to spend extra money playing line multipliers.

Gambling Tips – Useful Roulette Tools

Most gamblers always want to have a grasp at that vital and valuable information which improves their betting patterns thereby establishing a winning streak that has eluded a lot of players. However getting the right data that numbers in the thousands is the problem players’ faces. The hardship and difficulty arising in collection and review of those data will be tedious and overbearing especially for players who are in the midst of a great losing streak.

Nevertheless gamblers who read this can have some basic knowledge of simple yet effective gambling tips that can elevate their game. One proven way as far as betting patterns is concern is the use of even money bets. These way players have more chances of winning. Although this gambling tip covers for all games of chance we can make use of roulette as our example. In roulette there are 3 even money bets whose probability is a high 48.65% chance of winning. Prudent players will certainly wager on these bets and disregard any notion of high yielding bets such as single number bet which has a payout of 35 to 1 but with a probability of 2.65% win.

Another great tip also under betting patterns is setting limits to winnings in terms of monetary value per day. In other words players are to set their winning goal base on their playing capital. 10% goal of playing capital is realistic and easily achievable. This way the danger of prolong play diminishes the risk where the house can win back players winnings

Further to the above tip, it is advisable to call it a day every time target winning is met. This is a formidable strategy as the casino cannot get back at players’ winning. There are no rules on quitting early. In fact this brings a psychological advantage on players well beating the house does not come easy.

Confidence in oneself is a key ingredient to winning. I’ve seen players afraid to shrug-off simple setback thereby precipitating ill timed bets and delayed reaction to situations. Intrepid persons are focus on their work and unafraid of any negative consequences from petty losses.

We mentioned earlier of limits to winning, well limits to losses are equally as imperative as in winning. These way players are bound to stop at a certain level of loss thereby preventing any further cash-bleeding. It is advisable not to take any action such as running after losses where situation presents that loss limit for the day have been reach. In casino it is always easier to lose than sustaining wins.

So there you have it simple yet effective gambling tips that form part of players’ strategy and techniques.

What To Do When Nothing’s New: Five Strategies for Success

Look at that throng of people crowding the trade show floor. People come from all over the country to walk these aisles, eager eyes flitting from booth to booth, scanning the exhibits for…what, exactly?

Research shows that the vast majority – 76% — come to trade shows to discover what’s new and exciting. Maybe it’s a new product, or an innovative bit of technology, or a snazzy new application, or even an entire company that they were never aware of before. In an ideal world, every company would be constantly innovating, creating cutting edge products at phenomenal savings guaranteed to meet the customer’s needs.

But as you and I know, business doesn’t work that way. There are years when companies struggle to survive. Other years, it takes every ounce of effort just to maintain market position. And still other times, things might be fine, but the newest innovation is six, twelve, even eighteen months on the horizon.

Is it even worth exhibiting during these times? Do the results of participating in a trade show while your company’s in a lull phase justify the costs?

Absolutely! In fact, it is precisely at these times when not participating could hurt your bottom line. Businesses rise and fall based on the strength of personal relationships. There is no better place to form new relationships and maintain and reinforce existing relationships than at a trade show.

To do this, you need to create a positive impression with your exhibit. Demonstrate something new and exciting. Give the people what they want. How can you do that, you ask, when you don’t have any new and exciting products?

Here are five focus strategies the pros use when they’re in a similar situation:

1. Focus on Features: Purveyors of high-tech or complicated products often don’t realize how little consumers know about the items they purchase. For example, take the average word processing program. It has countless features – yet how many does the everyday user know about, much less use? Realize that your buyers may not even know what they don’t know. Here’s an opportunity to offer seminars, tutorials, or other interactive options centered on the more obscure features. This way, you’re demonstrating that you value your customers and want them to make the most of your products/services. You could win their loyalty for life.

2. Focus on the Future: If the next big innovation is in sight, but you’re not ready to spill the beans just yet, you’ve got an ideal opportunity to create a buzz. Some of the most effective excitement generating campaigns say little, if anything, about the new product, yet still create an impression that something noteworthy is about to happen. Signage, graphics, and literature all declaring “It’s Coming!” let the public know that you’re excited about the new product – and that they should be too.

3. Focus on Finesse: Is there a way to make your product new and improved? You’ll sometimes see this technique that I’ve called the Proctor & Gamble strategy. Every so often, you’ll see a new and improved version of a product introduced – laundry soap, shampoo, deodorant, and so on – yet you’d have to be a chemical engineer to notice any discernable difference between the old product and the new one. Still, consumers flock to the new, even if it’s only slightly different than the product they were previously satisfied with. If you can’t change your product, what about the packaging? Glidden changed their paint can while still keeping their actual product, the paint, the same as it ever was, and saw sales rise as a result.

4. Focus on People: Great products wouldn’t exist without great people. Consider putting a human face on your operation by centering your latest exhibit around the people who make, test, or use your product. Post Cereal, Reynold’s Wrap, and NAPA auto parts have all used this strategy successfully during periods when their product line was fairly static – and then carried the idea forward, altering it as needed to introduce new products!

5. Focus on Service: Many times, we’re asking buyers to make a huge investment to buy our products. If something goes wrong, the buyer worries that they will be left holding the bag on a very expensive mistake. Reassure consumers that they’ll never be alone if there is a problem. By promoting service plans, support networks, and other types of assistance, you’re demonstrating that you’ll be there for your customer – through thick or thin!